10 Tips to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

Today we want to share you 10 tips to get the best Black Friday deals.

On Friday, November 25 there will be a new Black Friday. On this day (in Spanish means “Viernes Negro”) the holiday shopping season opens and it announces commercially as a day of significant sales in many shops. Each “Black Friday”, the shops open until after the midnight selling their items at very reduced prices. Its a day of discounts. This commercial tradition began in United States and gradually with the help of the new technologies and broadcasting from the companies is expanded by the rest of them countries.

El Black Friday es el viernes posterior al Día de Acción de Gracias. Es decir, el cuarto viernes de noviembre. En Estados Unidos, desde el 2005, se ha vuelto el día de mayor movimiento comercial de todo el año. El nombre de Black Friday hace referencia a las cuentas de las compañías, que durante ese día hacen caja, y suelen pasar de números rojos a números negros. En Argentina se realiza desde el 2013, cuando la empresa Walmart introdujo el primer Black Friday a nivel nacional.

The Black Friday is the following Friday to the Thanksgiving Day. I.e., the fourth Friday in November. Since 2005 in United States it has become the day of greater commercial activity throughout the year. In Argentina Walmart introduced the first Black Friday at the national level in 2013.

Today we want to share you 10 tips to get the best Black Friday deals.

10 tips to get the best Black Friday deals

  1. Planning the Black Friday with anticipation: Do a list with the products that you would like to purchase and the budget which you have so you buy only what you need.
  2. Make the searches some days before: Search, compare and read the conditions before buying your products. Pay attention in specific products that you need and know how much they worth  before the Black Friday to avoid deception discounts than they are not for real.
  3. Buy online: Buying online is more comfortable and you dont have to face the crowd of  compulsive buyers. Find out if the business you’re interested is offering the same, or better offers on its web site. If buying online, don’t forget to check shipping costs and if the article is to give away at Christmas, please note delivery times.
  4. Sign up pages or online stores in which you are interested to receive alerts in your e-mail: Many shops now use alerts by email.
  5. Use social networks: Visit the pages of Facebook and Twitter of your favorite shops to see if they are offering some discount.
  6. Only buy in online stores you already know: If you’re new on this Black Friday, we recommend to always go to the most insurance shopping at places that have good reputation in terms of service to the client, as Amazon has done.
  7. Dont wait until the same day of the sale for create your accounts in the shops in which you are interested to buy: It is good for example to create a PayPal account to make your payment much more safe.
  8. Anticipate Christmas shopping: You can buy your Christmas gifts in advance at very low cost and thus won’t have to worry about later.
  9. Take into account that electronics products offers are the most abundant.
  10. Don’t buy through a network Wi-Fi public: The data may be at risk of being recruited by unknown individuals, we recommend using home networks or mobile data plans. For greater security after buying check the movement of cards and save online receipts.