5 Apps you need when traveling to Montevideo


Nowadays technology is a very useful tool for business tourism and in Uruguay they have developed several applications that will help you during your travel. For example there are apps to help you create your travel itineraries and recommend you the best restaurants, hotels and tours or to learn how to move in Montevideo. They are ideal for your business trip so today I want to recommend 5 apps that you must have on your trip to Montevideo.

5 Apps you need when traveling to Montevideo

1) Montevideo Travel Guide

This app creates itineraries for your trips and offers the best restaurants, points of interest, attractions, tours and hotels based on your preferences. It automatically calculates the best routes, suggests the best places and considered the schedule for visits. Available in Google Play and Apple Store.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Montevideo  

2) Cómo ir (How to go)

It offers information to know the best way to go from one point to another in Montevideo. It includes the journey of the bus with their schedules as well as the shortest road to go walking. It includes geolocation that allows establishing your current location as origin of the route and see it on the map. Available for Android.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Montevideo

3) Voy en Taxi – App Taxi Uruguay

This application created by a team of Uruguayan young is very intuitive and easy to use. You can order a taxi throughout the national territory. It is only necessary to mark your location on the map and incorporate a number of door to ask for a taxi. After order it you will receive confirmation of the mobile with the name, car number and picture of the taxi driver assigned for security. You will receive an audible alert when the taxi driver has come. Then you can qualify your trip and include a short text to share your experience with other users. Available in Google Play and AppStore.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Montevideo

4) Montevideo offline Map

In the app are available 2 types of maps:

  • Map 1: Mapa offline. It is possible to download it on a Wi-fi area and use it without Internet connection.
  • Map 2: Mapa online.It allows to search for directions and save points on the map.

You can add to the map your favorite and personal places (for example, the hotel where you are hosted or where do you park your car), find places by the address and trace the route by auto or foot. Available in Google Play.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Montevideo

5) ArTur MVD

It is an original tourist guide since through the augmented reality you can take a photo of a monument or site of interest and the application will recognize it and will give you all the information related to it. Also you can record the places that you visited, having the possibility of generate a gallery of images and create and share postcards in a very simple way. You can also find the closest sites to your position. Available in AppStore and Google Play.

5 aplicaciones que debés tener en tu viaje a Montevideo

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