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The first time I visited Rosario I decided that I want to see it from another angle, see the city from another perspective. So I decide to explore Rosario on a boat. The city has the Paraná River as one of its main protagonists. It is really shocking to navigate the River, explore the islands of the Delta, watching its flora, fauna and the life of the locals. Learn about places and new stories. Great panoramic views of Rosario are obtained in addition from the boat.

While from the Estación Fluvial there are several types of boats to perform tours on the River, I choose the boat “Ciudad de Rosario 1 °”. This ship, more popularly known as “The boat of the city”, is recognized for its career. It was the first tourist passenger ship built in Rosario and, due to its characteristics, the only one in its kind in Argentina.

Rosario en barco

The ship sails calm along the coasts of the Alto Paraná Delta and a guide explains particularities of these islands, and their stories, the ways of life of its inhabitants and beautiful places and landscapes. The guide explains in a funny way and makes the ride not only a tourist tour but also an educational tour.

On the journey you will reach the Rosario Victoria bridge to learn more about this great work of engineering. Once in front of the North of Rosario we return along the waterfront of Rosario. In approximately two hours of navigation you will enjoy the different views and landscapes of the city.

Rosario en barco

To see more photos click here: Mi Bitácora de Viajes

Useful information about Rosario Boat Tours


  • The ticket office is in the Parque a la Bandea, from there leaves the boat towards the Islands. Click here to view in Google Maps.


  • The journey takes 2 hours.


  • The boat leaves in front of the Monument to the flag, sails the Islands to the Rosario-Victoria Bridge and returns along the coast of Rosario.

Rosario en barco


  • Capacity for 350 people seated.
  • 2 air-conditioned lounges and outdoor levels.
  • Guide on board.
  • Functional Music.
  • Snack bar service.
  • Sanitary.

Opening Hours

  • Summer Season: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 17-19.30 hours.
  • Autumn, winter and spring Seasons: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 14:30 pm and 5 pm.
  • The box office opens 2 hours before the first departure.


  • Adults: ARG $125.
  • Children up to 4 years: ARG  $30.


  • I advise to go at 5 pm to view the sunset from the River, you’ll see the lights of the boat and the entire city of Rosario and its Monument to the flag lit.
  • This boat tour is ideal to do in family.

  • If the weather permits I recommend to go on their deck enjoying the sun and the wind in your face.
  • When there is a flood of the River, boats tour can be subject to changes. Check the up-to-date information and news in its official Facebook or via Whatpsapp: + 54 341 313 9061.

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