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Street Art in Palermo


Street art is a trend that is growing every day around the world. Although it was originally considered to be an act of vandalism and generated rejection by society, it has been becoming a new way of expression with a variety of techniques such as graffiti, paste-up and stencil.
Street art and graffiti interventions are located in New York, in Barcelona, in the District of Shoreditch in London, etc. If we talk about Street Art in Latin America, Buenos Aires is one of the cities with more murals with Valparaíso (Chile), João Pessoa (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Cuenca (Ecuador). In this post we write about Street art in Palermo and the possibility of making guided visits.

Street Art in Palermo

If you walk through Buenos Aires you can find any wall intervened, but in general, the more colorful neighborhoods to visit are Palermo, Colegiales, Villa Crespo, Congress, Barracas, Montserrat and La Boca. There are so many graffitis that they have organized guided tours. Street art in Buenos Aires is regulated since 2009 in the law of muralism and interventions must have the approval of the owner of the property.

Street Art in Palermo can be discover walking on your own or through guided tours, organized by experts guides, and conducted by the City’s Tourism Agency. Visits are free of charge and are held every 3rd Saturday of month. From March to November at 11 am and December, January and February at 10 am. Walking through the area you can find dragons and human figures that were made by different artistic mergers.

Argentine artists as Martín Ron, Lean Frizzera, Alfredo Genovese fill with colors the streets of Palermo. The meeting point of this guided tour (in Spanish) is Gurruchaga and Honduras and it has a duration of 90 minutes. It is important to know that it is suspended by rain and that requires a prior booking at this link (the page contains a calendar, on the right, so you can book day and time).
Arte urbano en Palermo
Street Art in Palermo
Discover the Street Art in Palermo in this colorful guided tour!