Pet Travel Tips: How to vacation with your cat or dog

Today pets are a crucial part in the lives of their owners and many times go on holiday with them. What should we keep in mind when traveling with pets? Whether you go many days on vacation or simply make a getaway weekend you will have to take into account some details to avoid surprises. In this post we share you some tips for traveling with your pet.

Pet Travel Tips: How to vacation with your cat or dog

  • Plan destination with time: Previously informed about the facilities that you will find on arrival; if there are areas in which, in the case of a dog, he can run freely; if you have restrictions or if the weather will be suitable.
  • Bring its documentation: Bring copies of medical history and make sure it has all vaccinations before you travel.
  • Search hotels that support pets: It can be difficult to find pet friendly hotels but you always have options in all cities. Esplendor Boutique Hotels and Dazzler Hotels understand this concept increasingly installed in society and receive four-legged guests with all the same comforts than their owners so everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay. In this post we share more information about Pet friendly Hotels.
  • Start getting used to your pet’s travel since he’s little. Take it on short trips so they get used to the movement.
  • It is essential that when choosing the means of transport, take into account the requirements of each one of them. In any case, always opt for the travel cage. Your pet will be much safer in this kind of box.
  • If you travelling by plane, check directly with the airline which are the rules for traveling with pets. Many companies require a health certificate and may have other rules that you do not know. Avoid surprises at the airport. In this post there is more information about the requirements that are needed to fly with pets.
  • Identify your dog with a badge on its necklace with its name and your phone number.
  • Bring the food, its trough and plenty of fresh water to keep it hydrated.
  • Bring its favorite teddy, toy or bone or any object that is familiar to make the dog feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Avoid changing its meals and rides schedules.
  • Don’t forget the poop bags as in many countries they are very strict and have high fines. Always carry extra bags and don’t forget to pick up your dog’s poops.

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