3 Apps for Pet Lovers

There are several mobile applications for Pet Lovers: to recommend tours, methods of training, first aid and up to what things need to know before choosing your pet. Today we share you this post: 3 Apps for Pet Lovers.

3 Apps for Pet Lovers

1) Emergencies: Red Cross for pets

With the Red Cross app you can check the symptoms and have access to videos to respond to an emergency, ask about the diseases and injuries. Also the app locates the closest emergency animal hospital or will allow you to request an appointment with a veterinarian. In addition, allows you to create a full record of your pet that include the medications and phone your veterinarian. It is available for iPhone and Android, but only in English.

2) Taking care of your pet on holidays: Dog Hero

If you do not have the option to stay in a petfriendly hotel, another option is to connect with hosts dealing with hosting your pets in their homes, for a daily fee. Dog Hero also allows the owner follow the routine, receive photos and accompany all the hosting of your pet during the trip.

Dog Hero, para las vacaciones. La app que conecta a los dueños de perros con anfitriones se ocupan de hospedarlos en sus casas.

The platform was created in Brazil where they have already more than 15,000 hosts and 200,000 registered dogs. In Argentina, more specifically in Buenos Aires and Rosario, DogHero has 450 houses of hosts willing to give a temporary home. The app is available for iPhone and Android.

3) App for walking: Dog Walk

With this mobile app, users describe and share the best walk for dog walks. It also keeps track of their progress. Maps also show the parks with their valuations and details, for example if they have laundry bins. It is available for iPhone and Android.

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