Apps that will help you to work while traveling around the world

Using technology to our advantage, today is possible to work from anywhere that has internet. In this post we share  you some Apps that will help you to work while traveling around the world.

Apps that will help you to work while traveling around the world

1) Expensify

Expensify facilitates the capture of receipts, invoices and vouchers of your credit cards, registration of time and mileage, business trips and reporting of expenditures. If you are of those who need to have everything under control it will help you to control your expenses. This app is available only in English and for Android and Iphone.

2) WiFi Finder

When one works in an unknown location, it is always good to have a list of public available WiFi. This app shows you where to find free public WiFi and the closest to your location. Available in iOS and Android.

3) XE Currency

If you travel constantly for work, you’ll need a reliable application for the currency conversion. XE Currency tells you exactly how much it will pay to change your money. It offers tables and recorded live exchange rates, and even stores the latest updated rates so that it works when Internet is not available. Available in iOs and Android.

4) Booking

Booking is the best tool to book accommodation that offers more than 1.5 million lodgings between hotels as Esplendor, hostels, apartments and much more. You can search by city, point of interest or name of hotel with just a touch. The app also filters for price, score, quality of the WiFi or what interests you most. Available in iOs and Android.

5) Boomerang

Boomerang is a plug-in that works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari that allows you to respond to emails in your local time, regardless of the time zone in which you find yourself. It has several functions, and one of the most useful is the ability to “Send later”, to set it when you want to send.

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