Tourist Bus of Montevideo: a good choice for weekend getaways


If you choose to do a weekend getaway to the capital of Uruguay, you can take advantage of the tourist Bus of Montevideo, a good choice for exploring the city and its main attractions in a short time.

The system is the same of the large cities of Europe, the Hop On Hop Off, where you can travel to the different neighborhoods and also receive the information of what you are seeing in different languages.

The service is carried out on a regular basis and the tour includes the main neighborhoods: Ciudad Vieja, Centro, Aguada, Prado, Tres Cruces, Parque Batlle, Pocitos, Punta Carretas and Parque Rodó.

The Tourist Bus of Montevideo is a bus of two floors, comfortable and with air conditioning. One of the big advantages on tourist buses in other capitals like Buenos Aires is that this one it is covered.

During the tour is transmitted to passengers the tourist information of the attractions near each of the stops since it has a system of audio guides with images that are broadcast synchronized with the bus travel. The languages available are: German, Arabic, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

The circuit of the Tourist Bus of Montevideo is planned based on stops that constitute emblematic and tourist points of Montevideo. You can go up and down each one of them and discover the different facets of the city. The stops are follows:

Stops for the Tourist Bus of Montevideo

  • Stop 0: Montevideo Port

Places of interest: Mercado del Puerto, Ministerio de Turismo, Museo del Carnaval, Museo del Descubrimiento, Peatonal Pérez Castellano, Banco República, Museo de Arte Precolombino Indígena, Fotogalería Mapi and Las Bóvedas.

Bus Turístico de Montevideo

  • Stop 1: Gate of the Citadel

Places of interest: Mausoleo al General Artigas, Cabildo, Plaza de la Constitución, Catedral de Montevideo, Teatro Solís, Peatonal Sarandí, Palacio Salvo, Museo Torres García, Sede del BID ex Hotel Colón, Barrio de las Artes, Sodre, Museo de los Presidentes, Palacio Taranco, Museo Figari.

 Bus Turístico de Montevideo

Bus Turístico de Montevideo

  • Stop 2: Neighborhood Center

Places of interest: Museo Historia del Arte, Monumento al Gaucho, Mercado de la Abundancia, Museo del Azulejo, Museo del automóvil, Teatro Circular, Mercado de los Artesanos, Plaza Libertad, Museo Pedagógico, Centro de Exposiciones Subte, Sala Zitarrosa, Cementerio Central, and the drums in neighborhood South and Palermo.

  • Stop 3: Legislative Palace

Places of interest: Palacio Legislativo, Plaza Primero de Mayo, Facultad de Medicina, Facultad de Química.

Bus Turístico de Montevideo

  • Stop 4:  Agricultural Market

Places of interest: Mercado Agrícola, Plaza de comidas, La Matería Cervecería Mastra, Edificio de la ex fábrica de Alpargatas.

  • Stop 5: Prado Neighborhood

Places of interest: Monumento a la Diligencia, Centro de Visitantes e Interpretación Patrimonial, Parque del Prado, Monumento a los últimos Charrúas, Rosedal.

  • Stop 6: Botanic Garden

Places of interest: Museo y Jardín Botánico, Predio Ferial del Prado, Hotel del Prado, Museo Blanes, Museo de la Memoria.

  • Stop 7: Terminal and Shopping Tres Cruces 

Places of interest: Terminal de buses Tres Cruces, Shopping Tres Cruces, Obelisco a los Constituyentes, Plaza de la Bandera, Hospital Italiano Umberto I, Parque Batle y Ordoñez.

  • Stop 8: Centenario Stadium

Places of interest: Museo del Fútbol, Pista de Atletismo, Monumento a la Carreta, Estadio Centenario, Hospital de Clínicas.

Bus Turístico de Montevideo

  • Stop 9: Pocitos Neighborhood

Places of interest: World Trade Center, Casino slots, Ciudad de los Chicos, Paseo de las Esculturas, Restaurante Gardenia, Yacht Club.

  • Stop 10: Punta Carretas Neighborhood

Places of interest: Campo de golf, Punta de las Carretas, Museo Zorrilla de San Martín, Castillo Pitamiglio.

  • Stop 11: Rodó Park

Places of interest: Casino Parque Hotel, Teatro de Verano, Lago del Parque Rodó, Edificio Parlamento del Mercosur, Parque Rodó, Museo de Bellas Artes, Fotogalería.

  • Special Stop (only sunday): National Library

Places of interest: Biblioteca Nacional, Feria de Tristán Narvaja, Teatro el Galpón, Facultad de Derecho, Observatorio Astronómico del Liceo IAVA. 

Bus Turístico de Montevideo


  • It is not suspended in case of rain.
  • It is an ideal option for those who have short time and want to know the city independently, since the bus allows you to visit different neighborhoods to a lower price that in taxi and in an easy way than a urban bus.
  • We advise you to have patience because the buses schedules are conditioned to transit, climatic factors or blockades of streets that can cause delays in the usual frequency.
  • It is worth looking up: the domes of several buildings are really beautiful.

Useful information of the Tourist Bus of  Montevideo


  • In summer the first departure begins from the stop 0 at 9:00 am and the last one at 5 pm.
  • In winter the first departure begins from the stop 0 at 9:30 am and the last one at 3.30pm.
  • The frequency is 60 minutes and the total length of the circuit is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Bus Turístico de MontevideoBus Turístico de Montevideo


  • The Tourist Bus of Montevideo proposes two options: a ticket for 24 hours and a ticket for 48 hours.

Points of sale

  • On Board of the vehicles only with credit card.
  • Stop “0” – Rambla 25 August and Yacaré.
  • Stop “1”-Rambla 25 de August and Yacaré.
  • Headquarters – Rio Branco 1389 esq. Colonia.
  • Abitab Network throughout the country.


  • Ticket 24 hrs: $572 (Uruguayan pesos)
  • Ticket 48 hrs: $880 (Uruguayan pesos)

Forms of payment

  • Cash in local currency: in all the local’s sale enabled.
  • Cash in foreign currency: stop 0 / stop 1 /  Central Office (you can not pay with cash on the bus)
  • Credit card: in the bus /  stop 0 / stop 1 / Central Office