Tourist bus, a good option to explore Buenos Aires


If you have short time to visit Buenos Aires city you can take advantage of the Tourist Bus, a good option to visit Buenos Aires and its main tourist attractions.

Every day – even holidays – you can take the bus at different stops of the city and start your tour. The system is the same as the large European cities, the Hop On Hop Off, where you can get off and explore the different neighborhoods and in addition receive information of what you’re seeing in different languages.

The buses are double-decker with the bare top. It is ideal to make the journey during the spring or early fall to travel at the top where you get the best views.

Bus turistico

You will discover the different facets of the city in three hours and 15 minutes. You will visit the traditional and historical buildings such as the “Teatro Colon“, the “Casa Rosada” and the “Congreso” as well as visit the different neighborhoods and observe its contrasts: the colourful houses in La Boca, the old buildings of San Telmo and the modern Puerto Madero.

The frequency is 20 minutes and the tickets can be purchased at the ticket office, aboard the bus or online. The passengers will accede to the circuit by headphones available on board, selecting the language of its preference. The available languages for the information will be the following: German, Arabian, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, French, Hebrew, English, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

There are two paths that can be made with the same ticket without paying any difference: a “blue” tour which lasts 1:30 hour approx, and other “yellow”, which is the main consisting of 25 stops and lasts 3:30 hours approx., depending on traffic.

The tour includes stops which are great tourist points in the City of Buenos Aires. The stops are:

0: Florida: Diagonal Norte and Florida.
1: Avenida de Mayo: Av. De Mayo and Piedras.
2: Congreso Nacional: Av. Rivadavia and Montevideo.
3: San Telmo: Av. Paseo Colón and Av. Independencia.
4: Usina de las Ideas: Caffarena 49.
5: Che Boca: Pinzón 60.
6: Estadio de Boca Juniors: Brandsen 850.
7: El Estaño 1880: Aristóbulo del Valle and Hernandarias.
8: Caminito: Av. Pedro de Mendoza between Magallanes.
9: Puerto Madero Este: Julieta Lnateri and Rosario Vera Peñalosa.
10: Puerto Madero: Juana Manso and Macacha Güemes.
11: Puerto Madero Oeste: Cecilia Grierson and Juana Manso.
12: Galerías Pacífico: Av. Córdoba between San Martín and Reconquista.
13: Plaza San Martín: Florida 1000 between Pasaje Corina Kavanagh and Ricardo Rojas.
14: Museo MALBA: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3400.
15: Paseo Alcorta: Jerónimo Salguero and Martín Coronado.
16: Planetario: Av. Sarmiento and Av. Belisario Roldán.
17: Rosedal: Av. del Libertador and Av. Infanta Isabel.
18: Barrio Chino: Av. Juramento and 11 de septiembre.
19: Museo Larreta: Juramento between Vuelta de Obligado and Cuba.
20: Las Cañitas: Av. Federico Lacroze and Migueletes.
21: Zoológico de Palermo: Av. Del Libertador and Av. Sarmiento.
22: Museo de Bellas Artes: Av. Del Libertador and Av. Pueyrredon.
23: Recoleta: Av. Quintana between Ayacucho and Junín.
24: Teatro Colón: Cerrito and Viamonte.
0: Florida: Diagonal Norte and Florida.

Bus Turístico


  • It is not suspended by rain
  • If you purchase tickets online there is a 5% OFF.
  • It is an ideal choice for those who have short time and want to know the city independently.
  • The Buenos Aires Bus’ schedules are estimates and are dictated by traffic in the city, climatic factors and majeur force reasons that determine a delay in the usual frecuency service. Be patient.
  • We recommend to travel in spring or early autumn to travel on the uncovered top where you get the best views of the city.

Useful Information

Points of sale

There are 3 ways to purchase it:

  • Online: With credit card on the website. The advantage is that you get a 5% discount. Only for a day before.
  • On the bus: At any one of the stops. Only in cash and when there is availability of seats.
  • Sale Points located in stop 0 (Av. Roque Saenz Peña 728) or stop 24  (Recoleta: Av. Quintana and Ayacucho). Only for a day before.


  • Every day including holidays.
  • The tourist bus has 2 ticket, 1 and 2-day options.
  • To download the complete tour timetable (yellow) click here.
  • To download the blue tour timetable click here.


  • 24 hours Tickets
Adults: from 12 years   $ 350.-
Discounts Card Travel Cash (optional)   $ 130.-
Childs: between 4 and 11 years $ 175.-
Infants: 0 to 3 years FREE
Disabled Persons with certicate
  • 24 hours Promotional Rates
    Residents of Buenos Aires city accredited with ID.
Retirees and pensioners   $ 175.-
Neighbors $ 250.-
Discounts Card Travel (optional)   $ 130.-
  • Family Group
2 adults + 2 children (between 4 and 11 years) $ 870.-
Discounts Card Travel Cash (optional)   $ 130.-
2 adults + 3 children (between 4 and 11 years)  $ 1050.-
Discounts Card Travel Cash (optional) $ 130.-
  • 48 hours Tickets
Adults: from 12 years   $ 470.-
Discounts Card Travel Cash (optional)   $ 130.-
Childs: between 4 and 11 years $ 235.-
Infants: 0 to 3 years FREE
Disabled Persons FREE

The payment must be done in Argentine Pesos and Cash. For payments in Credit Cards, you must purchase your tickets online. Tickets are not refundable once issued or purchased.