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3 Apps for Pet Lovers

There are several mobile applications for Pet Lovers: to recommend tours, methods of training, first aid and up to what things need to know before choosing your pet. Today we share you this post: 3 Apps for Pet Lovers.

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Pet Travel Tips: How to vacation with your cat or dog


Hoy las mascotas forman una parte trascendental en las vidas de sus dueños, tanto que muchas veces salen de vacaciones con ellos.  ¿Qué debemos tener en cuenta a la hora de viajar con mascotas? Ya sea que te vayas muchos días de vacaciones o simplemente realices una escapada de fin de semana deberás tener en cuenta algunos detalles para evitar sorpresas. En este post te compartimos algunos consejos para viajar con tu mascota.
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Top 10 Tips to keep in mind for stress-free travel


In the 21st century most people expect to be able to work from its home or at any place in the world. The digital nomads manage to continue working while they enjoy touring the world and many freelance have chosen to work from home and need to communicate with their clients or their teams, distributed all over the world. Thanks to technology, it is much easier to take an office in the pouch and serve your business from the comfort of your holiday. However, to be productive while you’re travelling is not an easy task since often have limited resources, you have different schedules, you usually sleep worse, you do little exercise, etc. In this article we share you 10 Tips to keep in mind for stress-free travel.
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Street Art in Palermo


Street art is a trend that is growing every day around the world. Although it was originally considered to be an act of vandalism and generated rejection by society, it has been becoming a new way of expression with a variety of techniques such as graffiti, paste-up and stencil.
Street art and graffiti interventions are located in New York, in Barcelona, in the District of Shoreditch in London, etc. If we talk about Street Art in Latin America, Buenos Aires is one of the cities with more murals with Valparaíso (Chile), João Pessoa (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Cuenca (Ecuador). In this post we write about Street art in Palermo and the possibility of making guided visits.
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Pet friendly Hotels: Places where your pet can also enjoy

Did you know that 78% of Argentines have pet and 40% regard them as a member of the family? What do you decide to do with your pet when you go on vacation? Do you leave it in a nursery? or your friends or family take care of them? There is another option which in recent years has been growing around the world: Traveling with pets. This trend has also become very strong in our country. Most are people who decide to join their dogs or cats on holiday. Today pet form a crucial part in the lives of their owners. Because of this trend, the tourism industry has begun to adapt and increasingly there are more Pet Friendly hotels in Argentina. If you are planning your next holiday and do not want to separate from your pet, we share you some options.

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Enjoy a horse racing tour in Palermo

Palermo Hippodrome is a major tourist attraction of the city of Buenos Aires. It stands out for its monumental architectural construction and horse racing events such as the Gran Premio Nacional, which takes place every year. Palermo Hippodrome is strategically located in the city and it also offers multiple choices of entertainment for tourists.

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