Argentina’s Mendoza Wine Route

Talking about Mendoza is talking about wineries and wines. Tours to vineyards have already become a classic of the Cuyo province. Both local and foreigners tourists visit this area to discover the flavours and fragrances of this drink. Today we want to share you information about Mendoza Wine Route where you will find the most important wineries of Argentina.

Argentina’s Mendoza Wine Route

By the extension of the province Mendoza Wine Route is divided into zones since the characteristics of the weather, soil and altitude are very different.

Circuito del Vino en Mendoza

North Area

It is an area suitable for white wines with an altitude of 600 to 700 meters. In Luján de Cuyo there are more than thirty wineries both for the local market and for export. Some recommended wineries are: Ruca Malen, Tierras Altas. 

East Area

It is the area of greater production of the province with a altitude that goes from 600 to 700 mts. It includes the departments of San Martin, Rivadavia, Junín, Santa Rosa, and La Paz. The wineries are presented in an interesting contrast of large industrialized with other small production boutique wineries. Some wineries and vineyards recommended to visit are: Bodega and Viñedos Crotta, Fantelli, Carelli.

South Area

With heights ranging from 450 to 800 mt it includes the vineyards of San Rafael and General Alvear, located at the foot of the main ridge.. This area holds almost 20% of the vineyards of the province. Some wineries recommended are: Labiano, La Abeja and Suter.

Valle del Uco

It is an area of cold weather and more altitude (between 800 and 1400 mts. about the level of the sea). Most of the vineyards are located on the slopes of the foothills. This area includes the vineyards of Tunuyán, Tupungato and San Carlos. From here comes the famous Malbec. The wineries of SalenteinDomain Bosquet and Andeluna Cellars  are featured in the area.

Circuito del Vino en Mendoza

Visits to wineries in the Mendoza Wine Route

One of the must do it of Mendoza is a full tour in one of the vineyards included in the Mendoza Wine Route. There are many tourist companies offering tours to vineyards and wineries that produce wines of excellence. Guides specialized in oenology share their knowledge offering detailed information on properties, the varietal characteristic of the region, irrigation systems, pruning and harvesting. The tours end at a wine tasting.[