Patagonian cuisine in El Calafate

In this post we share you useful information about the Patagonian cuisine in El Calafate: what to eat, specialties and where to eat in the region.

Patagonian cuisine in El Calafate

What to eat

The lamb is the specialty in the Patagonian cuisine in El Calafate. It can be tasted in various presentations and our recommendation is not losing one made “at the grill”.

The typical cuisine of the region is also made with deer, trout and salmon, with influences of the aborigines that inhabited the area, the Mapuches. To accompany the dishes are used chucruts, fondue and local herbs.

You can also taste  cheeses of goat with traditional craft beers.

For dessert don’t forget to try the specialties that include the typical fruit of the tree of Calafate. You can try it in cakes, jellies, sweets and liqueurs.  Another popular sweet in the region is “Rosa Mosqueta” and blackBerry, raspberry, strawberry, etc.

Where to eat

The Patagonian city stands out for having a great offer in terms of restaurants and places to eat. The vast majority of these establishments are located on the main street of the city on Av. del Libertador and its parallel. They are prepared for national and international tourism, serving a variety of regional dishes with the most exclusive and exquisite level. But the cuisine of El Calafate is growing day by day and also includes pizzerias and places for a drink overlooking the Lake.

In terms of prices, El Calafate is not an economical place, but it is possible to share it in many restaurants. Remember that the tip is not included and it is normally allowed between 10% or 15% of the total.

We share a list of all the restaurants in the city and in this post there is more information about the dining experience in the Restaurant & Bar Iglú, located inside the Splendor Hotel Calafate.[