Tango Buenos Aires Festival & World Cup


The tango is the emblem of Buenos Aires. The city has numerous shows with orchestras and dancers, classes of dance in many cultural centres and milongas in different neighborhoods for all the tastes. Also Buenos Aires has become the headquarters of the world of dance. Since 2009 the greater international Tango event develops annually. This year the Tango World Championship will be held between 18 and 31 August, in the “Usina del Arte”, in the neighborhood of La Boca.

More than 400 couples of all the world come to the city to measure its talent and compete in the classic dance of Buenos Aires.

Activities of Tango Buenos Aires Festival & World Cup

Among the activities that will take place during the two weeks are:

  • Visits by Argentine and international artists living abroad
  • Exclusive concerts by notable artists representing different generations and styles
  • Dance companies presenting their shows
  • Dance styles and different levels
  • Children’s shows
  • Festivals and milongas in the headquarters of the Festival
  • Conferences, lectures and presentations of books
  • Products fair
  • Dance competition

Entry is free but with limited vacancies.

The final competition that will be held on 30 and 31 August at Luna Park will reward the best dancers in the categories “Tango Salon”, which privileges the social dance as a practice of Buenos Aires roots, and “Stage Tango”, which aims to enrich the dance from a choreographic conception related to the show.

Last year more than 600,000 people enjoyed the event with more than 200 free performances and couples around the world who came to compete to the World Cup.

Dont miss this event since it is an excellent opportunity to discover this sensual and nostalgic dance full of stories and so typical of the city. Not for nothing Buenos Aires is considered the World Capital of Tango.