Practical tips to travel to El Calafate

El Calafate is near the Andes Mountains and has a rich history in relation to the evolution of Patagonia and today is considered the most important tourist town of the province, with an estimated 20,000 inhabitants stable population. Today we want to share with you some practical tips to travel to El Calafate.

Practical tips to travel to El Calafate

How is the weather in El Calafate?

The average annual temperature is 7.2 ° C, while the average in July is around 1.8 ° C and January is de18,6ºC.The climate in the area is predominantly “dry” and large stationary thermal variations do not prevent enjoy the different options of rides.

What clothes should I bring?

As for clothing it is advisable that is always casual and loose and comfortable as possible.


  • Windbreaker hooded coats
  • Gloves
  • Scarf and jacket
  • Footwear and training shoes or trekking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Protective UV factor 40

When should I make reservations?

El Calafate has a capacity of approximately 7,800 beds in high season for accommodation and related services to make your stay unforgettable. It is advisable to make reservations no less than 1 (one) month and possibly more, because our town is the center of international tourist attraction, which means it is visited annually by a large number of tourists who, like you, want obtain a privileged position to appreciate our beauty and places usually request a season in advance. It is noteworthy that during the winter season, the offer is lower.

What documentations do I need?

If you are Argentine or from neighboring countries, the usual document in your home country will be sufficient both to remain for local and regional excursions such as a visit to Chile. However, if you come from any other country, you must carry your passport with your assistance insurance advice must in your Embassy or the Immigration Office in your country for consultations on visas.Should be considered “mandatory” for underage possession of their identity and stay with their parents or legal guardians duly accredited especially for lake excursions, trekking to the Continental Ice and visit Chile, as will you required to perform them.

What time do shops open?

Commercial activity in our country is governed by changes in winter or summer season. Being the first between the months of May and September where business hours are Monday through Friday from 09: 30hs to 12: 00hs and from 16:00 to 21: 00hs and Saturdays from 10: 00hs to 13: 00hs and 16 : 00hs to 21: 00hs although not in all cases.

In the summer times they are: Monday to Saturday at run time. Sundays can find business in souvenirs shops and supermarkets as well as in neighborhood shops in times of 09: 30hs to 13: 00hs and 16: 00hs to 21: 00hs especially at this time. For banking hours are Monday through Friday from 08: 00hs to 13: 00hs both the Banco Provincia de Santa Cruz SA, BTF (Banco de Tierra del Fuego), Banco Nacion and Banco Patagonia, can operate ATMs outside these times. For fuels we currently two service stations: YPF and Petrobras that keep their opening hours 24 hours although parts or servicompras should expect business hours.

What is the common currency?

It is rare that question because although the legal currency of course is the Argentine Peso, is no less true that when our city an international point of tourism is possible to make payments in US Dollars (US $) or Euros in almost all shops, there are those who accept traveler’s checks to bank rate and in some cases Chilean currency is also accepted.

How do I change money?

If you want to change money note paper currency or traveler’s checks or need to make withdrawals from your bank account or credit card ideally attend any of the three banks in our city: Banco de la Provincia de Santa Cruz SA, BTF (Banco de Tierra del Fuego), Banco Nacion and Banco Patagonia, Monday through Friday from 08.00 to 13.00.