Best time to Visit Cusco


Before buying the tickets and choose the date for traveling to Cusco we recommend you to inform about the weather, the festivities and the tourist movement of the place.When’s the best time to visit Cusco? Like other destinations it depends on several factors.

¿Cuál es la mejor época para viajar a Cusco?

Best time to Visit Cusco 

Weather: Dry and rainy season

Due to its location Cusco has a climate that is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry and the rainy season. During the dry season, between April and October, the days are sunny and the skies cleared allowing to have great views of the mountain especially for those interested in getting good panoramic photographs. The days are warm with an average temperature on the day that ranges between 16 ° and 18° C. The nights are colder during the dry season and in the months of June and July, the temperatures can descend below 0 ° C.

In the middle of the month of October begin the rains and it opens the rainy season but certainly the months with more precipitation are between December and February, extending until March. Due to the great altitude of the city (some 3,400 mts on the level of the sea) the air is quite cool. The abundance of rains  makes the region much more lush and green, in comparison with the dry seaso, where the vegetation is usually grey or brownish. However, keep in mind that in the period of rains the access to different sites tour of Cusco can be block due to landslides and effects produced by the weather. The access to Machu Picchu trekking, for example, can be interrupt at times.

High and low season

In terms of tourist movement it is worth mentioning that the high season of Cusco is from June to August so the prices of tickets, hotels and excursions have higher prices. In addition, you will have to book the accommodation or tours with much more time in advance. In high season, outdoor excursions are accompanied of a favorable weather, roads are in better conditions and there is no risk to suspend scheduled activities. The low season includes the months of rainy season from October to March. At this time accommodation and tours rates are lowest and there is less presence of tourism in Cusco.

Festivities and celebrations

Cusco has a great calendar of festivities and celebrations. Either to include or to avoid them you must plan the trip. One of the more important event is the Inti Raymi, the Sun fest that is celebrates the 24 of June. Keep in mind that during the weeks close to that date the prices of hotels in Cusco can duplicate and you will have to book in advance. The Carnival cusquenian is performed in February or March (the date is movable) and also is a time very busy. Around July 28, the day of the Independence of Peru, Cusco is also a very popular destination among tourists of the Peru. During Christmas and New year, as in many destinations, hotels also tend to raise their prices.

Then what is the best time to travel to Cusco? All will depend on of your budget, tastes and interests but a good option for travel to Cusco is between the months of April and Mayo, just after them rains, but before the season high. You can enjoy of them different attractive with less people, the weather will be warm and also can find rates more economic.

So When’s the best time to visit Cusco? It will depend on your budget and interests but a good option for travel to Cusco is between the months of April and May, just after the rains but before the high season. You can enjoy the different attractions with less people, the weather will be warm and also you can find cheaper rates.

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