When is the best time to visit Mendoza?

Mendoza is one of the main tourist destinations in Argentina. With numerous attractions any time is good to visit this province of Argentine West. However, for those who want to consider the local weather before planning your trip, in this post we share you some characteristic features of Mendoza weather throughout the year.

When is the best time to visit Mendoza?

Given its characteristic of Desert foothills the climate in Mendoza has extreme temperatures: very hot summers and very cold winters.

Mendoza in summer (January to March)

The average temperature is maintained above 30 ° C, and there are exceptional days that reached over 40 degrees. This time is also the most humid and rainy year-round, with sudden storms and even hail.

In summer are multiplied in Mendoza attractions for tourism and among its most important events is the National Harvest Festival, most important festivity of the city carried out during the last week of February, with a full program of shows, parades of floats and festivities.  We recommend to book accommodation in advance during this time. And don’t forget to include dark sunglasses and light clothes in the luggage.

Mendoza in autumn (April to June)

During these months temperatures drop considerably, with averages close to the 12 ° C.

This season it has the appeal of its climate, avoiding the summer heat and the winter cold, with wonderful landscapes of vineyards in ocher, and more affordable prices in tourist services.

The colors of autumn are precious and many wineries are still finishing the harvest and starting the process of making wine.

Mendoza in winter (July-September)

This time has the appeal of harboring Mendoza of snow season, which starts in July and ends in September, allowing to enjoy the ski centers located in the city, such as Las Leñas and Penitentes mount settings.

In terms of climate, the average temperature is 10 ° c, which can easily reach below zero during the early morning hours. Rainfall is almost non-existent. It is a season of pruning in the vineyard.

Mendoza in spring (October-December)

The weather at this time is charming. During the months of September and October the temperature ranges between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. Short sleeves are ideal to be comfortable during the day. This season it has the appeal of the increase in the flow of the rivers because of the thaws, allowing to enjoy various water sports such as rafting and kayaking. Also as in autumn, prices of tourist services are more economical, especially between October and November.

So, when is the best time to visit Mendoza?

The foregoing above suggests that the best time to visit Mendoza is temperate seasons. Both spring and autumn have more intermediate and more tolerable temperatures in general. In late March and late September to be exact. Approximately 22 ° C throughout the day.

Travel to Mendoza in spring and autumn also has a particular charm by the huge amount of trees that exist within its boundaries. Thus whole Mendoza dresses of different tones between yellow, green and Brown, in the fall and flower in spring.

Travel in spring and autumn represents for tourists in addition not only a travel experience more calm and relaxed, but a significant savings in comparison with the peak during the summer and winter months.