Where to eat in Montevideo

For its tradition and its history, there are many restaurants and typical cafés in the Old City. In this post we tell you some options to know where to eat in Montevideo.

Where to eat in Montevideo

1) Café Bacacay

Café Bacacay takes its name from the small street that is born in the most important Theater in Montevideo, the Solís Theater. Contemporary architecture in a historic building in 1844 and international cuisine, joined in a proposal that forever changed the profile of the area. Exquisite and varied menu with the open kitchen all day, have led it, eventually, to be the symbol of the neighborhood and the city.

2) Café Brasilero

It is a symbol of modernity and the bohemia of Montevideo. This culinary and cultural emblem of Uruguay opened its doors in 1877.

  • Address: Ituzaingó 1447

3) Rara Avis

It’s another classic in the area. Located in the renovated Teatro Solís, Rara Avis presents a gastronomic offer which includes restaurant, cava-bar, and events. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner of excellent cuisine, in three different environments: Salon Rouge, Salon Preludio and Chivas Bar. The gastronomy of Rara Avis is innovative and meticulous, and it is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine.  In a building that respected at all times the original construction, Rara Avis starring a perfect symbiosis between the gastronomic and cultural, embraced by the Solís theatre environment.

  • Address: Buenos Aires 652 esq. Juncal.

4) Estrecho

It is a place that explains its name and it has a long bar serving French dishes. It is located in the very heart of the Old City of Montevideo. Its feature bar invites you to enjoy watching the chefs Cali Diemarch (URU) and Jessica Campbell (FRA) elaborate dishes of French cuisine and author as the baguette of salmon, Steak Salad or the delicious creme brulee.Address: Sarandí 460 esquina Misiones.

5) La Pasiva

It offers the typical goat, mozzarella, panchos (hot dogs) and faina, some of the traditional foods of step, or minutes, that part of the gastronomic heritage of Uruguay.
  • Address:  Sarandí 600.

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