Where to buy handicrafts in Cusco


Cusco is one of the Peruvian cities with more historical and cultural wealth. Its long tradition cultural presents a diversity of products manufactured by artisans. Many of them are really amazing, especially its textile art and goldsmithing. While visiting the city, shopping lovers will have the opportunity of acquire incredible crafts as souvenirs as part of the culture and the traditions of this tourist destination. Today we want to inform you where to buy handicrafts in Cusco.

In Cusco there are many places to buy handicrafts and for all tastes: from fairs of crafts and workshops to have direct contact with craftsmen, street markets as well as commercial centers of crafts, design shops and galleries of art or luxurious jewelry. There are tourist shops in every corner and many things to buy. However, there are sites that definitely you have to buy.

Get seduced by the great range of colors and forms that offer their crafts.

 What buy in Cusco

Cusco produces every year 650 tons of fiber of alpaca. Its one of the most important producers of garments made from this fine fiber. So if you want to buy something native it can be any product related to the textile art. Finest of alpaca and sheep wool items include gloves, ponchos, chullos (hats), blankets, scarves, jackets, backpacks and bags of excellent quality. You can also find a wide variety of tapestries made with sheep’s wool.

The city of Cusco is well known also for its metalwork. Silver figures can be found with Inca motives in pendants and rings. As well as also productions in ceramics and clay sculptures.

Where to buy handicrafts in Cusco

  • San Blas Neighborhood

One of the main commercial areas of Cusco is the neighborhood of San Blas where many artisans and artists live. Is it known as the neighborhood of the Bohemian since there are located the workshops of the artisans and the galleries of art in old houses. In the neighborhood – located just a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas – you can visit the workshops and learn about the creative process of artisans while performing its works. Some of the most popular workshops are Olave family located in Plaza San Blas N ° 651  and Camero family at Palace No. 122 (Cuesta San Blas going down Plaza de Armas). Mendivil and Merida families are also internationally recognized for the quality of their work.


  • Chocolate Museum

If you want to take chocolate as souvenirs, the Chocolate Museum is the ideal place because you can choose your own combination of chocolate and learn how to prepare it. They also make visits to the plantations of cacao. The Museum offers chocolates of unique flavors as pisco with cocoa. They also sell handicrafts with the thematic of the cocoa and chocolate as cups of ceramic, mills in wood or mortars of stone. It is located in the Garcilaso Street 210, second floor in Plaza Regocijo. The museum is open from Monday to Sunday from 9 am. to 7 pm. For more information check the website.

  • Handicraft Market in Pisac

It is located 33 km northeast of Cusco, on the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In just 30 minutes you reach the largest market in the region. In this open air market prices are very attractive. Although there are craftsmen throughout the week, the most popular days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. In the market you will find hats, wall hangings, alpaca rugs, dolls, mates, silver jewellery and paintings.

  • San Pedro Market

It is located just two blocks from the Plaza de Armas and it was previously known as the Central market. Here you can find many Andean products such as ceramics and textiles at very affordable prices. At the same time they sell products purely Peruvian as the sheet of coca, mashua, olluco, and oca and  traditional ingredients of Cusco food.

  • Other markets and places to buy crafts

Among the main markets of the city include the Handicrafts Market, located in Avenida del Sol and Tullumayo; the Cusco Handicraft Center, one of the largest and most complete market; as well as the Center of Traditional Textile of Cusco. We also share some souvenirs shops that sell handicrafts near the historic center:

  • Alpaca Andean Souvenirs: Palacio Nº 135.
  • Souvenirs Juanita: Portal Comercio  Nº 141 int. 1 – Plaza de Armas.
  • Artesanías Yanque: Portal Comercio Nº 181 – Plaza de Armas.

Art galleries and Design stores

  • Lamaland

Located less than 100 meters of Plaza de Armas it is a concept store in the city of Cusco. A boutique where you can find clothes of independent design and art. Also it has a cafe where you can relax. It is ideal to find some gift from last time, objects of design of independent artists, jewelry, clothes, accessories full of colors.

Dónde hacer compras en Cusco  Dónde hacer compras en Cusco

  • Tawa Concept

A shop and art gallery that represents the work of designers and young artists from Perú. It exhibits unique works of great skill and style. It has a large collection of contemporary art and also other items such as bags, notebooks, etc.

Dónde hacer compras en Cusco

  • L’atelier by grid

It is a small design shop full of handmade clothes, vintage and natural cosmetics. It also offers accessories like purses and jewelry of different materials. It has beautiful views.

Dónde hacer compras en Cusco


  • Major shops accept payments with credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) and there are numerous ATM in the city.
  • Popular shops only accept cash, in local currency and in dollars in some cases.