Estancia Fangio Balcarce by Esplendor, the perfect getaway for the family

If you are thinking of running away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Estancia Fangio Balcarce by Esplendor Boutique Hotels is the perfect getaway. Ideal to go with family.

Estancia Fangio Balcarce by Esplendor, the perfect getaway for the family

The Estancia Fangio Balcarce by Esplendor Boutique Hotels, is located 18 km from the center of Balcarce, and 407 km from Buenos Aires. It is a great recreation proposal for all ages and in a natural environment. An ideal place for a break in the routine.

It is formed by the main house of 6 rooms that retain the traditional style, a secluded annex of 8 modern rooms and a park of 10 hectares that can be toured by bicycle. The park is the ideal setting for outdoor activities for the whole family.

Guests staying there can also enjoy the spa and beauty treatments, the outdoor swimming pool, a gym, tennis and football courts, and a local food restaurant. Among the main dishes you will find the “asado campestre”. Also who do not want to leave their pets at home, the Estancia offers pet friendly rooms with all comforts.

The visit to the Estancia is complemented by a stroll through the Museum of Motor racing J.M. Fangio, located in the center of the city of Balcarce, a few blocks from the house where, on June 24, 1911, was born the fivefold champion Formula 1. In the museum you can explore the history of this sport where you have one of the most complete exhibitions in the world in cars. There are exposed all cars of Fangio, machines belonging to the history of motorsport in the country and the world and cars collectibles.

Finally, in the surroundings of the Estancia you can visit the racetrack, the Laguna Brava and the Sierra la Barrosa where you can do paragliding.