Fenicia: The best brewery in Rosario


The first time that I heard about Fenicia was through my friends of Rosario. “When you come to Rosario we will go to the best brewery in the city,” they used to say.

One night after a day’s walk around the National Flag Memorial, the Independence Park and the waterfront that invites you to walk, there we went. I had many expectations and luckily the place did not disappoint me!

Fenicia is a brewery in Rosario, located in the historic district of Pichincha where the Argentine comedian “Negro” Olmedo was born. At the entrance a sign welcomes us saying “Thank you for supporting your Rosario beer”.

The place has two floors and a wooden mezzanine and below, through a glass that serves as a floor, modern machinery that prepares the beers in the basement of the bar can be seen. The decoration is sober with wooden furniture and ornaments brewers. There are tables along the rectangular hall and a not very large bar to drink the beers.

Its owners are American, from a neighborhood near San Francisco, who came to Argentina with the dream of making their own beer.

Fenicia offers different types of beers which can be accompanied with different dishes from a varied cuisine and for all tastes. Their selection of beers is original, presenting the traditional year-round and seasonal varieties.


Names of the different beers that are sold in the local are related to the city of Rosario and also with the history of the Pichincha district; that is why the Honey Blond Ale is called “The savage”, in reference to Rita “The savage”, a well-known dancer of the Paradise brothel, when the neighborhood was still the epicenter of the red light district of the city.

The most outstanding beers of Fenicia are: Chicago, Admirante (Brown Ale) and Smoking Scotch Ale, which has 7.6% alcohol, with candy and nuts tones, and a hint of smoky  that give special hops and malts.

The food is also well varied; there are tapeos, burgers, Mexican snacks, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. In our case we ordered different dishes including squid rings and fried mozzarella sticks. Another time we went we ask for sandwiches. It is worth clarifying that in Rosario to the “Sacramento bread” they called it “Torpedo”. All dishes were delicious and abundant. The prices are affordable in terms of quality and quantity.

1422520_688119284555640_279039774_nIt is an ideal place for an after office and a place to share with friends. Fenicia is an excellent choice that combines delicious beers, good atmosphere and affordable prices.


  • You should go early because it is difficult to get a table after 22:30 pm.
  • To talk quiet with few friends or couple it is best to go to the tables above because sometimes music is very high.

Useful Information

  • Location: Av. France 168. Barrio Pichincha. Rosario.
  • Phone: 54 (341) 423-2376
  • Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:30 to 1 hs; Thursdays and Fridays from 12.30 to 2.30 hs; Saturday from 19 to 3 hs and Sunday from 19 to 1 hs.
  • Style: Craft beer.
  • Kitchen: Minutes, tapas and dishes.
  • Reservations: feniciapub@hotmail.com.
  • Check Facebook for especial promotions (Happy Hour, Ladys Night).