Hot Sale 2017: 10 Tips to take advantage of offers and buy online

On Monday, May 15 starts the Hot Sale 2017, the big event of eCommerce that was created to commemorate the world Internet Day (May 17). It brings together the leading online of the Argentina that offer special promotions on their products and services for those who make online purchases. In this post we want to share you 10 Tips to take advantage of the offers and buy online.

Hot Sale 2017: 10 Tips to take advantage of offers and buy online

Hot Sale 2017 is organized by the Argentina Chamber of Commerce (CACE) and will take place on 15, 16 and 17 May. At this time the online event will last three days instead of two.

This year will include 350 companies around the country; i.e. 80 more brands than last year. Offerings include products of different categories such as: Electronics and technology, clothing and footwear, furniture, home and decoration, travel, sports, children, cosmetic and beauty, automotive, food and drinks.

Regarding travel, there are 29 official companies that offers discounts including online travel agents like Despegar, Avantrip, Almundo, Interturis, Transatlántica, Submarino Viajes; LATAM airlines; Safe travels (Universal Assistance, Assist Card, Assist Med) and search engine of hotels, etc.

While last year the turnover was 2,500 million pesos through a million purchase order this 2017 is expected to exceed 3,300 million pesos and the 1.1 million of purchase orders.

10 Tips to take advantage of Hot Sale 2017 offers

  1. Planning the Hot Sale 2017 with anticipation: Do a list with the products that you would like to purchase and the budget which you have so you buy only what you need.
  2. Sign up on the official website of the Hot Sale 2017 in the category in which you are interested to receive alerts in your e-mail: Sign up for companies that interest you to receive alerts that allow you to learn of new developments quickly and safely.
  3. Make the searches some days before: Search, compare and read the conditions before buying your products. Pay attention in specific products that you need and know how much they worth  before the Hot Sale to avoid deception discounts than they are not for real.
  4. Use social networks: Visit the oficial pages of Facebook and Twitter to see if they are offering some discount.
  5. Take into account the costs and shipping dates: One of the great benefits of online shopping is that they are more comfortable and you won’t have to face the multitude of compulsive shoppers, or the endless queues and you can do it from the chair in your home. But remember that you will have to check shipping costs and delivery dates, for example, if the item you purchased is for gift giving for any date especially note deadlines.
  6. Only buy in online stores you already know: If you’re a beginner at online shopping we recommend to always go to the most insurance shopping at places that have good reputation in terms of service to the client.
  7. Dont wait until the same day of the sale for create your accounts in the shops in which you are interested to buy and enable credit cards: Some banks for safety ask for prior authorization.
  8. Anticipating the holidays: You can take advantage of the Hot Sale 2017 to plan your summer holidays with anticipation. There are usually offers airfares, hotels promotions, insurance travel, etc.
  9. Take into account that electronics products offers are the most abundant.
  10. Don’t buy through a network Wi-Fi public: The data may be at risk of being recruited by unknown individuals, we recommend using home networks or mobile data plans. For greater security after buying check the movement of cards and save online receipts.