Pet friendly Hotels: Places where your pet can also enjoy

Did you know that 78% of Argentines have pet and 40% regard them as a member of the family? What do you decide to do with your pet when you go on vacation? Do you leave it in a nursery? or your friends or family take care of them? There is another option which in recent years has been growing around the world: Traveling with pets. This trend has also become very strong in our country. Most are people who decide to join their dogs or cats on holiday. Today pet form a crucial part in the lives of their owners. Because of this trend, the tourism industry has begun to adapt and increasingly there are more Pet Friendly hotels in Argentina. If you are planning your next holiday and do not want to separate from your pet, we share you some options.

Pet friendly Hotels: Places where your pet can also enjoy

Esplendor Boutique Hotels and Dazzler Hotels understand this concept increasingly installed in society and receive four-legged guests with all the same comforts than their owners so everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay.

Esplendor Palermo Soho has Pet Friendly rooms where pet (dog or cat only) up to 10 kg can stay without extra charge. Pets should be completely healthy and use strap and muzzle to move within the hotel. These requirements are the same applying for airlines that allow flying with animals in the cabin.

Pets can walk by public areas except all those for sale and service of food and beverages, as well as spa, gymnasium and swimming pool. During the stay in the hotel they provide a cushion and containers for water and food. As extra detail, beautiful design products such as collars and leashes for a walk can be purchased at the reception.

Esplendor Buenos Aires also receives dogs and cats up to 20 kg. Outside of Buenos Aires, Esplendor Montevideo a Wyndham Grand Hotel and Esplendor Asunción receive dogs or cats up to 8 kg, with prior reservation and additional charge.

Dazzler joined this strong trend too. Dazzler Puerto Madryn and Dazzler Campana receive dogs or cats up to 10 kg, without extra charge and in Uruguay, Dazzler Montevideo and Dazzler Colonia receive dogs or cats up to 10 kg, with prior reservation and additional charge.