Visit the Carnival Museum in Montevideo


The Uruguayan Carnival is a popular festival of national character and it is considered the longest of the world, with approximately 35 days of duration. Held every year from mid-January until the end of February it is characterized by combining African with European traditions. While the Carnival is celebrated in summer, it is possible vibrate with the rhythms of the drums at any time of the year since the candombe sounds in the streets and clubs of the city while the murgas rehearse and prepare for the great event. These manifestations and cultural customs that offer Uruguay and its importance in society can be understood better by visiting the Carnival Museum in Montevideo.

 Montevideo offers a great cultural programme in theatres, museums, galleries of art and centers and the Carnival Museum is one of those places that the tourists interested in local culture should visit.

Museo del Carnaval en Montevideo

The Carnival Museum was opened in November 2006 and it is located in the historical centre of the city of Montevideo, in the called “Ciudad Vieja” next to the market of the Port, the main gastronomic centre.

The institution belongs to the identity museums, since using a modern proposal preserves, exhibits, and values objects and traditions that are part of the most popular festival in the country.

Exhibitions of the Carnival Museum in Montevideo

The Museum in Montevideo offers several permanent exhibitions:

  • History of the Carnival in Uruguay: It displays photos and clothes of the last forty years. Some objects that are stand out are the bass drum of Tito Pastrana, the Galera of Cachela, the slippers of Pirulo and a hat of “Palán Palán”.
  • The old “tablados”: It consists in six models accompanied of photos and some stories that recreate six platforms of the years 1935 and 1936.
  • Candombe: It exhibits a detailed story about the history of the candombe accompanied by a series of objects of great historical and symbolic value.

Museo del Carnaval en Montevideo

Several temporary exhibitions are also offered. You can check the calendar of the Museum in the web.

Useful Information of the Carnival Museum in Montevideo


  • Rambla 25 de Agosto 1825 Nº 218 esq. Maciel. Ciudad vieja.
  • Check Google Maps here.


  • April to November: Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 hs.
  • December to March: Monday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00 hs.
  • Group visits: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 hours (book previously).
  • Museum Shop: According to the opening hours of the Museum.
  • The Museum remains closed from January 1, May 1, July 18, August 25, and December 24, 25, 31.


  • General Tickets: UY$ 100
  • MERCOSUR: UY$ 60
  • Uruguay: UY$ 60
  • 50% Discount for Uruguayan with network card BROU.
  • Children from 12 years: free.
  • International credit cards are accepted at the reception of the Museum for the purchase of tickets or at the store.


  • The Museum has the service of the Restaurant and grill of De Picos Pardos with music shows. You can check the events on the web.
  • It has wifi and Souvenir Shop.
  • The shop of the Carnival Museum is located in the main entrance hall, entering by Rambla 25 August no. 218.  It offers the visitor the possibility of acquiring objects from the design line of the Museum (t-shirts, mugs, glasses, postcards) as well as products related to the Carnival (cds, dvds, books, t-shirts, posters, postcards). Also there is a large variety of Uruguayan crafts.

How to get

  • All transportation lines that go to “Ciudad Vieja” or “Aduana”. (Bus Stop in Cerrito esq. Pérez Castellano and in Colon esq. 25 de Mayo).
  • Montevideo Touristic Bus stop is at 80 meters (Rambla 25 August esq. Yacaré).