Traveling a few days through Mendoza


I met Mendoza many years ago, it was part of a break of a few days. But for that way I was able to see the essence of the city and I had the bug to get back to other opportunities.

In that first trip at the twenties I walked a lot through the city, ate in different places and met very interesting people.

Then I had travel trips, others only with my woman and my two daughters.

For that reason I can say I know Mendoza in different ways and with different facets because the city has it all for different audiences.


Leaving aside what grew in hotels where the Esplendor is a good sign of this, and all the natural environment that has that its wonderful, the city became a gastronomic center with great places to eat any kind of dishes.

From a restaurant of the great Argentine chefs until one simply local. And as example of this variety is the restaurant gourmet Siete cocinas where its chef, Pablo del Rio, speaks of seven Argentine places as the origin of the products with he performs its dishes, but also few blocks away it has another restaurant that is called Fuente y fonda with a kitchen much more simple that seeks to remember the dinner in a grandmother house with potato cakes or a good “Milanesa a la Napolitana”

On the other hand Mendoza has found plenty of activities to make adventure tourism and explore one of its rivers in rubber boats that it is an absolute pleasure.

In one of the family trips we went to termas Cacheuta which have a large natural and adapted infrastructure that I have not seen in the country.

The wineries are absolute protagonists in a visit to Mendoza. No matter if you are a wine lover or not. The wineries have passionate employees that displayed all the processes for the realization of wines. They also have wine tasting programs and many of them have restaurants.


While there are many wineries close to Mendoza, if you has the opportunity of going to Valley of Uco you will see the area more “top” of establishments that have charged much force in the last years thanks to the level of wines that have reached in that region. It is located just at a one hour of the city.


And if you cant move from Mendoza, you have to walk through the city and see its beautiful ditches that were made almost with the foundation of the city, until the urban path that prioritized the presence of squares strategically placed and that from a map you can see very well, with their boulevards and wide streets in different places.


Mendoza is a very nice city with different things than others cities in our country and its worth knowing and visiting several times in life.