Things to do in Mendoza during the summer

Mendoza summers are hot but despite of this the province of Mendoza offers various options and activities for those who choose it as a holiday destination. Today we share you things to do in Mendoza during the summer.

Things to do in Mendoza during the summer

  1. Make a city tour 

You can see the history and the culture of the place in its museums and cultural centers as well as in its squares, public buildings and cafes. Don’t miss to visit the Cerro de la Gloria, General San Martin Park, Independence Square, Foundational Area, Central Park and the Civic district.

2. Enjoy summer nights in the bars of the Aristides Street

Aristides St. brings the best place of the nightlife in Mendoza. It is the chicest Avenue in the city, a meeting point between friends.

Being a residential area until the end of the 70 Aristides Villanueva Street began to change its appearance at the beginning of the 80’s with the arrival of some bars. Today the street has music, multicolored lights, young and fun people. It offers restaurants, bars, breweries and irish pubs one beside the other. The area is very near the center of the city. On summer nights the restaurants and bars take their tables to the sidewalks to enjoy outdoors.

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3. Attend the Harvest Festival

If you travel to Mendoza at the end of February, you can be witness of the Harvest Festival. It is a celebration that consists of several days, in which the inhabitants thank the harvest of the grape of each year and commemorates the effort and winemaker work. The most important festivity in the city this year will be held on February 26- March 6, with a program that includes shows, parades and visits to wineries and vineyards. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance.

4. Dare to the adventure of Rafting

Rafting in Mendoza is perhaps the most requested activity by the tourists during the summer. The province offers winding and mighty rivers according to the 4 levels of difficulty among which divides this sport so there are ideal places depending on how much experience you have. It is advisable to have a specialized travel agency that offers you all the security and the necessary equipment.

5. Visit to Wineries in the Mendoza Wine Route

One of the must do it of Mendoza is a full tour in one of the vineyards included in the Mendoza Wine Route. There are many tourist companies offering tours to vineyards and wineries that produce wines of excellence. Guides specialized in oenology share their knowledge offering detailed information on properties, the varietal characteristic of the region, irrigation systems, pruning and harvesting. The tours end at a wine tasting.