Things to do in Rosario during the spring

For its vibrant cultural activity and great diversity of historical and natural attractions, Rosario is a city that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. In this post we tell you what to do in Rosario during the spring.

Things to do in Rosario during the spring

Spring compared to summer is a quieter time in the city and ensures a greater rest, with the advantage that you can also go to the beach thanks to the temperature enjoyable on sunny days. In general, the weather is moderate, with average temperatures that allow to enjoy the different spaces of the city. The temperature is rising from morning to afternoon and the nights are fresh. This time of year is ideal for all day touring the city.

1) What to do in Rosario during the spring: Visit the flag monument

A starting point to discover Rosario can be the National Monument to the Flag, linked to the Cathedral through the Oath Passage and a series of sculptures by Lola Mora. At the base you can visit the Museum of the flags.

2) What to do in Rosario during the spring: Boat Tour

A few steps from the National Monument to the Flag, La Fluvial complex offers a service of boats that cross the Paraná to beaches with typical paradores, where kids and adults enjoy the sun, the river and the activities on the sand. Every Saturday, Sunday and holiday at 14:30 and 17 pm part the ship “Ciudad de Rosario”. The itinerary lasts two hours and it is really impressive to navigate the river, to explore the islands of the Delta, observing its flora, fauna and the life of the locals. To know new places and stories. Also from the boat you will get great panoramic views of Rosario.

3) What to do in Rosario during the spring: outdoor activities

Rosario is the first city in the country to make a permanent recreational circuit: every Sunday, from 8.30 to 12.30 hs., it is possible to walk, run, ride a bike, skate or rollers along 28 kilometres free of cars, motorcycles and public transport.

In addition, as ideal areas for walking or cycling, Rosarinos parks are an inescapable part of the city walks. Advancing along the coast from Parque Urquiza, you walk through the National Park to the flag, Spain Park, the Collectivities Park and Sunchales Park, spinning an extensive route that along 8 kilometers from bars and restaurants to Museums, cultural centers and entertainment for the youngest, as well as lawns and trees to relax outdoors and overlooking the river. In the heart of the city is the immense Independence Park, with an artificial lake where it is possible to appreciate the spectacle of the dancing waters. To the north is located the Scalabrini Ortiz park and later, by the river, the Alem Park, while to the south protrudes the Yrigoyen park with the monument to Che.

4) What to do in Rosario during the spring: enjoy the Rosario gastronomy

The Florida neighborhood is an ideal resting place to combine with a lunch or dinner in the typical canteens that offer river fish. The Escauriza Grill is one of the most representative restaurants in Rosario. Its specialty is the grilled fish of river without thorns and delicacies like pacú and boga with lemon, squids, sticks of catfish and meatballs of fish.

Another option is to visit the Patio Market, where you can make a unique gastronomic walk, to buy, to know and to taste the regional flavors. It works in the former wooden Patio, a building of historical and patrimonial value located in front of the bus Terminal Mariano Moreno. It covers more than 20 food items including organic products, fruits, vegetables, cold cuts, wines, meats, pasta, among others. There are also bars, restaurants and ice-cream parlors that complement the attractiveness of a relaxed walk through the flavors and aromas of the region.

5) What to do in Rosario during the spring: Go shopping

Among the variants of open air shopping in Rosario are: The Paseo de la Cartas,  Cordoba Street, San Martín St,  Sunchales St, among others.

If instead, you get a rainy day between the main indoor malls stand out two central and traditional (Palace Garden and Walk of the century), and two somewhat farther away, with larger spaces and more recent opening (Alto Rosario and Portal Rosario).