10 Reasons to travel with friends

There are many types of travel: alone, in couple, family. But without a doubt, anyone who has tried it, may decide that there is nothing like travelling with friends! You have to experience it at least once in life. In this post we want to share you 10 reasons to travel with friends.

10 Reasons to travel with friends

1) It strengthens ties

Travel together will allow you to deepen your friend relationship.

2) You will have new experiences together

It will give both the opportunity to know together new places and the experience will be fun and interesting. Our experiences are intensified when shared with someone else.

3) You will be accompanied

You will have someone to comment every situation and sharing experiences. And if you need help, you will have a friend.

4) You will accompany in your crazy

Friends are the best accomplices. You can dress up or take a ridiculous photo. They will keep any uncomfortable position as secret. The friendship code states “what happens on tour, stays on that trip”.

5) You will have good memories for the rest of your life

You will remember each place visited and friends with whom you travel and all the anecdotes that lived together.

6) You will feel safe

You will feel much more secure knowing that you are traveling with someone who takes care of you.

7)  Because friends are unconditional

They will pay if you have not money. They are all with you. But they will do so because they are sure that you would do the same for them.

8) Because they know you truth

They know your faults and your tricks. They will care if you’re allergic, if you have to take a medication or if you wake up in a bad mood.

9) Because your budget will be kept under control

You can save costs by sharing activities. Settle Up is an application ideal for travel in groups and avoid headaches heads or fights. You can score and divide costs, make changes in currency and maintain controlled absolutely all accounts. You can download it here.

10) You can see aspects of your friends that you’ve never seen before

Probably along the journey, you will be surprised with any attitude or gesture that you didn’t know about your friends.