Top 5: Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Nowadays pets are transcendental in the owners´s life, even they often go out to dinner. The tourism industry has begun to adapt and increasingly there are more places for pets. In this post we share 5 Pet Friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Top 5: Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Buenos Aires

1) Muu Lechería

It is a chain of restaurant type American Diner, with an infrastructure and decoration inspired in the years 50, where each element is carefully selected to make you feel at another time.

It has a unique menu full of delicious dishes, a rockabilly atmosphere and a trained staff to provide you with the best service and attention. With tables outside, pets are very welcome!

Restaurantes Pet Friendly en Buenos Aires

  • Address: It has different branches in Recoleta, Belgrano, Palermo, Pilar, Puerto Madero. Click here to know all the branches.
  • Website:

2) Dulce María

Dulce Maria is a deli café in northern area with a large outdoor sector overlooking the river to go with pets. It has breakfast menu, lunch and much more! Don’t forget to try the natural juices and homemade desserts.

5 Restaurantes Pet Friendly en Buenos Aires

3) Café Croque Madame

Café Croque Madame has 11 shops in Capital Federal but only two branches accept pets and these must remain in the courtyard.

  • Venue: Av Libertador 1902 Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
    • Timetable: From Monday to Sunday from 10 to 24 hours.

Restaurantes Pet Friendly en Buenos Aires

  • Venue: Vuelta de Obligado 2155 Belgrano, Buenos Aires.
    • Timetable: From Monday to Sunday from 10 to 24 hours.

4) Pani

Pani is the bane of the greedy but also of those who love to go out with their dog. Upon arrival, each pet receives a pitcher with fresh water. Each dish is unique, a true work of art. The dishes are rich, homemade and abundant!
Restaurantes Pet Friendly en Buenos Aires

  • Address: El Salvador 4827 Palermo, Buenos Aires.
  • Timetable: Mon to Thu from 10 to 20:30 hs/Fri from 10 to 22 hs/Sab from 10 to 22 hs/Sun from 10 to 20:30 hs.
  • Website:

5) Museo Evita

The Evita Museum in addition to petfriendly is bike friendly and it has beautiful tables for lunch in the sun, in an area of Palermo privileged: a few steps from the zoo and the Botanical garden, near the Japanese garden and the forests of Palermo. It’s inside a house of the first decade of 1900, where the Evita museum was also constituted. The Porteño menu is defined by its dishes influenced by Spanish and Italian immigrants.  The pasta is self-elaborating, as well as breads, Patisserie and croissants. The fish dishes are very much requested for the freshness of the merchandise and also stand out in the meats.

  • Address: Juan María Gutiérrez 3926 Palermo, Buenos Aires.
  • Timetable: Monday to Saturday from 9 to 24 hs. Sundays from 9 to 19 hs.
  • Website: 

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