San Blas, the artists neighborhood in Cusco

In the city of Cusco, there is a neighborhood where many artists and artisans coexist and where is home to many of the best workshops and stores of art, with works by the best artists of the city. In this post we tell you about San Blas, the artists neighborhood  in Cusco, Peru.

San Blas, the artists neighborhood in Cusco

San Blas is the artistic and bohemian Cusco neighborhood since lot of artisans live there. It is located in a high part of the town, four blocks northeast of the Plaza de Armas, so from there you get panoramic views of the city. It has narrow, steep streets, beautiful old houses of colonial style, the oldest church in Cusco and a small but beautiful square.

We recommend during the day, get lost among its cobbled and zig-zag streets and discover the workshops of the traditional families of craftsmen, such as the Mendivil, Olave and Merida. It is an a special and bohemian atmosphere and very quiet neighborhood. Being a district of sculptors and artists, one of its main attractions are its varied sculptures carved in wood, silver and stone.

In addition to visiting several workshops of artisans and shops where to buy original souvenirs, you can visit the Temple of San Blas, facing the square. It is a Catholic Temple, built during the Spanish colony on an inca Temple. It is the oldest city Church since it dates back to the year 1563. It has a pulpit that is a jewel of priceless carved in wood. It is said that it was the work of the Inca craftsmen.

If you match just a Saturday, we recommend visiting the traditional fair on Saturday that takes place in the San Blas Sqaure from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon since it is a very good time to appreciate and buy the products and souvenirs , such as fabrics from alpaca, bringing together the diverse artistic collection of the artisans of the place grouped in an association.

During the night, it is one of the liveliest neighbourhoods, with restaurants and pubs to drink a pisco sour (a traditional drink of Peru) and listen to live music.

How to get there?

  • The neighborhood of San Blas is located just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, the main square, so you cant get there very simple. You can walk along ancient inca Hatun Rumiyoc Street (street of stone) and where the famous stone of 12 angles. Continuing along this street you will find the Cuesta San Blas, where you get to the small square of San Blas.

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