Surf in Tamarindo


For water sports lovers, Costa Rica is a paradise. The country is worldwide known by its coastal extensions that offer a wide variety of beaches of white sand. Its coasts, lakes, waves and reefs make of the country a special place where you can practice several activities as fishing sport, diving and surf. We must talk about surf in Tamarindo.

It is very difficult to refer to Tamarindo without talking about this sport. This beach town, located on the Northern Pacific coast, is one of the best surfing destinations in Costa Rica. If you’re a professional surfer or if you have never get into a surf board, Tamarindo is an excellent destination for surfing all year round.

One of the reasons why this beach is so popular is because it is perfect for beginners to the most experienced surfers; There is a wave for every type of surfer.

Surf in Tamarindo: Waves for all levels

To understand how it is distributed the beaches of Tamarindo, they can be divide in three large areas: on the one hand Beach Tamarindo, that it is located in a Bay. To the North, separated by the Estero de Tamarindo, you will find Playa Grande. And to the South, after the Estero de San Francisco, appears Playa Langosta.

Tamarindo beach is located just in front of the town that gives its name and it is the most easily accessible  beach. This area is a good place for beginner surfers because of its waves and soft and calm winds. Those who only have a bit of experience will be able to surf very easily.

But Tamarindo has not only the main beach in the Centre of the city. There are other surfing beaches five minutes away.Playa Grande is located to the other side of the mouth of the river and here you will find the waves most consistent of the area. It’s a territory protected by the National Park and it has untouched beaches which are also very popular by surfers, although access is more restricted.

Towards the South Playa Langosta offers to the experienced surfers a breaker that moves quickly to right and left and that it is only 15 minutes walk of Tamarindo. Expert surfers challenging short and fast waves and are attentive to rocks and corals that are found in certain areas of the sea.

Another advantage of taking a vacation of Surf in Tamarindo is the proximity of the beach to the great waves of Roca Bruja and Ollie’s Point to the North and the Playa Avellana and Playa Negra to the South.

Surf Lessons in Tamarindo

Don’t worry if you do not have the necessary experience you can sign up in some surfing lessons. To enjoy a surf lesson, it is not necessarily to stay in a surf camp; many hotels and agencies offer this service and have all the equipment needed.

The cost of the class will depend on whether it is a regular or private and the duration of the lesson. In addition, the price varies whether it is for beginners or for advanced surfers to improve specific skills.

Also it is possible to book lessons for children, a very good option to include in the family holidays.

Some schools of Surf in Tamarindo

Iguana Surf

Kellys Surf Shop

Neptuno Surf Shop