Buenos Aires

Calle Florida: Shopping pedestrian street


Buenos Aires is considered the Latin American capital of fashion. In addition, it is a destination that offers numerous options to spend pleasant days of shopping, from the most luxurious malls to small boutiques with creations of local artists. In this article we want to share you useful information about the Florida Street in Buenos Aires. Continue Reading

Mondongo: Modern art at the Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel


Just entering to the Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel, located in the Centre of Buenos Aires, we observe spectacular works of the artistic group “Mondongo” hanging on the walls.

For foreigners who do not know what this word means, “mondongo” is the part that covers the stomach of cattle and the name of the group is about this concept of food; it is a popular dish with a great mix of ingredients.

This group of young and Argentine artists composed initially of Agustina Picasso, Juliana Laffitte and Manuel Mendanha was formed in 1999. Since there, they work together making pictures whose hallmark is the material.

From the first works they used perishable materials (such as cookies, bread crumbs, chewing gum, candies) treated with a solution of toxic resin to prevent its corruption. From 2005, artists began to work with durability materials as iron, plastic and cotton thread and plasticine, becoming talented artisans.

Its works are of great size and what it is most striking is that from a distance it seems a mere portrait or landscape but as you approach you begin to glimpse the raw material that makes you want to touch it and the curiosity of how they did it arises.

An art gallery in the Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel

The Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel acquired a collection of works by the art collective Mondongo group that were installed as part of the decoration of the hotel, turning its corridors into a large art gallery in 2006. The collection of works refers to prominent figures of Argentine culture, among others.

The works installed in the hallways, lobby and restaurant of the Esplendor Buenos Aires Hotel are:


Eva Perón: Made with different types of breads and resin on wood.



Che Guevara: Made with 40,000 bullets and resin on wood.


J.L. Borges: Made with threads of cotton on wood.


María Elena Walsh: Made with clay on wood.


Antonio Berni: Made with xylographic taco.


Adrián Dárgelos: Made with strass on canvas.


Diego Maradona: Made with gold chains and nails on wood.


Andy Warhol: Made with colors preservatives on wood.

Carlos Gardel: Made with pins on wood.

Carlos Monzón: Made with glass over wood.

Astor Piazzolla: Made with pins on wood.

It is worth noting that the group has a few years bursting with strength in international art circles, they have already bought several of its works in the Moma in New York and the Tate Gallery in London. In 2004 Mondongo was commissioned by the Spanish Royal family the portraits of its members.


  • San Martín 780 between Córdoba Av. and Viamonte Av. Downtown Buenos Aires.

Street Art in Palermo

Street art is a trend that is growing every day around the world. Although it was originally considered to be an act of vandalism and generated rejection by society, it has been becoming a new way of expression with a variety of techniques such as graffiti, paste-up and stencil.
Street art and graffiti interventions are located in New York, in Barcelona, in the District of Shoreditch in London, etc. If we talk about Street Art in Latin America, Buenos Aires is one of the cities with more murals with Valparaíso (Chile), João Pessoa (Brazil), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Cuenca (Ecuador). In this post we write about Street art in Palermo and the possibility of making guided visits.

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Enjoy a horse racing tour in Palermo


Palermo Hippodrome is a major tourist attraction of the city of Buenos Aires. It stands out for its monumental architectural construction and horse racing events such as the Gran Premio Nacional, which takes place every year. Palermo Hippodrome is strategically located in the city and it also offers multiple choices of entertainment for tourists.

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Balcarce, the land of Fangio


If you are looking for a destination to spend an amazing weekend quite near the Federal Capital, you must read this post. I’m sharing with you one of the best kept secrets about the Buenos Aires province. Only 248 miles away there is a spot yet to be found.

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Buenos Aires Design in Recoleta


Buenos Aires Design, as its name implies, is a design-related shopping. Indeed, it is the first and only shopping mall entirely devoted to design, construction, equipment and decoration . It is located in Av. Pueyrredón an Av. El Libertador, in the Recoleta neighborhood, and it is ideal for a rest stop after visiting the Recoleta Cementery.

Buenos Aires Design

The shopping mall has three levels. On the ground floor you can find various commercial alternatives with the best brands of each item that accompany the market trends. Although it is probable that when visiting Buenos Aires you can’t get a mattress, a floor, rugs or chairs there are many shops with designer products where you surely get tempted to buy some small souvenirs to decorate your home. For example, we recommend the designer shops called Morphand Okko, (they are located on the ground floor) where you can find: trays of animal print, desktop´s products, pictures, decorated cans with pop art, funny identifiers of luggage, coasters that simulate discs vinyls, etc. There are options for all styles: urban, music, vintage, classic and romantic.

The first level is complemented by a terrace of 3000 m2 in which gastronomic and design proposals interact in an ideal environment to enjoy the outdoors with the best view of the Recoleta neighborhood. One very positive point of the Buenos Aires Design is that there are very good gastronomic offers.

In addition many tourists choose Buenos Aires Design because here it is located the first Latin American branch of the well-known international chain: Hard Rock Cafe.

Useful Information about the Buenos Aires Design

  • Address: Av. Pueyrredón and Av. El Libertador, Recoleta neighborhood.
  • How to reach: Bus lines that pass through the Buenos Aires Design are: 17, 61, 62, 67, 92, 93, 110, 124, 130. The nearest subway station is Las Heras, belonging to the line H.
  • Opening hours: The shopping mall is open from Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and on Sundays and holidays from 12 to 9 pm.
  • Parking:
      • The parking entrance is through Azcuénaga Street.
      • Parking prices: Car: 1 hour = $54 – each 5 Minutes: $4,5 / All day: $270 (from the fifth hour).
      • Monthly payment: $2500.
      • Moto: 1 hour = $16.20 – each 5 Minutes: $1.35 / All day: $81 (from the fifth hour).
      • Bicycle: $6 (from the second hour).