What to do in El Calafate during the spring


El Calafate is one of the places of our country that allows to enjoy to the maximum of its landscape, gastronomy and activities. It is located near the Andes mountain range and is currently considered the most important tourist city in the province, with a stable population estimated at 20000 inhabitants. With the arrival of spring, its vegetation begins to blossom and without doubt it is a great station to visit for the first time or to return to this Patagonian enclave. In this post we tell you what to do in El Calafate during the spring.

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Safari Boat, navigation in El Calafate


The Perito Moreno glacier is located in the province of Santa Cruz, 80 km from El Calafate. This glacier with a surface area of 250 km2, stands out for its ease of access, its purity and color and for being one of the few glaciers in the world that are not in decline. As if outside little this glacier, from time to time, the phenomenon known as  “the rupture” that keeps everyone with the curiosity of knowing when it will be the next. For those who want to tour the area there are several excursions like “Excursion Rivers of Ice” or the “Minitrekking on the glacier¨. Another option is to make a navigation on its waters. In this post we talk about the Safari Boat. Continue Reading