Blind Theatre in Buenos Aires


There are many things to see in Buenos Aires: historic monuments, theatre and tango shows and tourist spots. But there is also plenty to hear.

Can you imagine to participate in a theatrical experience totally in the dark? Yoy will stop seeing from the first moment you enter to the room and all your other senses will wake up.

Teatro Ciego en Buenos Aires

I was delighted the time I participated in The Deserted Island, the play by Roberto Arlt in the Blind Theatre. The theatre halls become dark just when you enter and there are wizards that guide you to sit on chairs in a completely dark room. When the show finishes and lights are turned on then you will know if you are located in the first or last row and you will see that most of the actors are blind.

Teatro Ciego en Buenos Aires

But I must confess that the first impression is a little bit of closure, we are unable to move one more step because we don’t see where we are, but do not worry that it is only a feeling and after a few minutes eyes seem to get used to the darkness and the body relaxes. Then the perceptions begin to increase. The play begins and slowly intensifies the senses. We begin to feel smells, for example. We realize that the scene takes place in an office by the smell of coffee, when it takes place in China we feel the smell of spices, if the character is on the beach we listen to the roar of the waves and it might rain and then you feel the drops on your face. This play takes place at the Konex Cultural Center.

But there is an extensive schedule in Blind Theatre. These are the shows that are presented:

  • My friend, the darkness It is the first children play of Blind Theatre. Recommended age: +4.
    • Saturdays and Sundays: 17 hs.
    • Price: $200.
  • 360 music in Total Darkness An experience in total darkness where you will hear your favorite artists and albums through a surround sound system.
    • Monday and Tuesday: 18, 19, 20 and 21 hs, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 18, 19 and 20 hs, Saturday 18, 19 and 20 hs, Sundays 7 hs.
    • Price: $150.
  • Inodoro Pereyra A blind play inspired by the most beloved characters of the writer and artist Roberto Fontanarrosa, who will come to life thanks to the imagination of the public, who need to use their non-Visual senses being stimulated by sound effects, scents, and tactile sensations.
    • Wednesdays to Saturdays: 9 pm.
    • Price: $250.
  • LPDA The neighboourhood in your fists It is a rock opera in the most absolute darkness that combines the sound of the self-titled album of Las Pastillas del Abuelo with interventions of blind theater, telling the life story of the Argentine Boxer Ringo Bonavena.
    • Saturday 23 hrs and Sunday 21.15 hrs.
    • Price: $200.
  • Liberty Lights It not only intends the audience to value the sense of liberty fights but by developing the topic in an absolute darkness, allows everybody, actors and audience, blind or not, to be in the same conditions and reach, just for a moment, the utopia of equality of human beings.
    • Friday 21 hs, Saturday 21 and 22 hs.
    • Price: $250.
  • Babilonia FX A thriller and a theatrical play that talks about justice and passions. Recommended age: +16.
    • Friday 23 hs, Saturday 23.59 hs, Sundays 20 hs.
    • Price: $250.
  • Infinite Silence It is a comedy drama in darkness. Based on the life and literary work of the writer Diego R. Oxley.
    • Thursday – Saturday: 22 hs.
    • Price: $250.
  • Blind Gourmet Dinner A show that combines the best of music, theatre and food. It has vegetarian and celiac menu options, which must be requested 48 hours prior to the day of function.
    • Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays: 21 hrs.
    • Price: $600 (includes degustation, drinks and wines).
    • Tip: Thursday 20% OFF with all methods of payment.

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