The Club House in Palermo: an oasis in the middle of the city

Hundreds of locals and tourists walk all weekends on the chic Palermo Soho area, few steps from Armenia Square.  But only the more retailers perceive a gray gate in the odd hand of the Costa Rica Street. Behind that door lies The Club House in Palermo, a private club, that outside seems to be a simple House and inside houses a social club / hotel with a unique atmosphere.

The Club House in Palermo 

The Club House in Palermo comprises an elegant residence of four floors that boasts a lounge, terrace, 2 bars, swimming pool, a park with ivy-covered walls, an intimate lounge and five suites for guests with all the comforts. It is a green oasis in the middle of the city, a relaxed friendly atmosphere, day and night, for work and entertainment.

The Club House en Palermo

The Club House organizes a large number of events and proposals for its members from private dinners with international chefs, wine tastings, art exhibitions, screening of films, to pool parties, bands and theme parties. During the summer its members leverage to spend the day beside the pool.

The Club House en Palermo

It should be noted that all members of The Club House in Palermo have access to other Clubs throughout the world: Rio de Janeiro, Brody House (Budapest), Club Matador (Madrid), Kee (Hong Kong), Norwood (NY), The Hospital Club (London), and The Spoke (Toronto).

The Club House in Palermo was created in 2011 by Parker Stanberry, CEO of Oasis Collections, a network of rental of luxury apartments in Argentina and in other cities around the world. The objective was to host a diverse community of members with similar interests.

Useful information about The Club House in Palermo

Opening Hours

  • The Club House opens every day at 11 am., except Monday, and closes at midnight. Friday and Saturday, the night stretches until 3am.


  •  Costa Rica 4651. Palermo Soho, CABA.


  • The Club House is not generally open to the public. It accepts only a limited number of members who must obtain a prior application and evaluation process.
  • Members must be over 23 years.
    To apply for membership, candidates must complete an application which is reviewed on a monthly basis by the membership Committee. Selected applicants will be cited via e-mail for a personal interview. Once the interview process, those who were not immediately selected will be added to a waitlist that will be continuously reviewed by the Committee. For more information write to:

Types of membership

  • Individual: AR $10.000/YEAR
  • Under 30: AR $8.000/YEAR
  • Couple: AR $15.000/YEAR
  • Couple Under 30: AR $10.000/YEAR


  • Email:
  • Telephone: 011 4832-5276
  • Web: