Travel tips: When to go to Tamarindo?

Costa Rica has many microclimates depending on the region. In this post we want to share you useful information about the climate and the high/low seasons to have the answer: When to go to Tamarindo?

Travel tips: When to go to Tamarindo?

  • From mid-December to April is considered the dry season and the best time to visit the country. A perfect climate to explore the jungle and enjoy the beach. It is also more expensive and active tourist season. It is recommended to book hotels in advance of 2 to 3 months
  • It is rainy season between May and November and prices are more accessible Also it is called the Green season.
  • In Tamarindo, Guanacaste area, rains usually begin in the evening or at night and last a few hours. On the coast of the Caribbean it is possible that it rains all year round but it less rains in September and October.

So when  to go to Tamarindo? We recommend planning the visit between November and December (before summer holidays) or between May and August to avoid the crowd and for more affordable prices.

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