20 Tips for executives: tips to make the luggage

A business trip on a quickly flight should be something simple. However many times when you make the suitcase is complicating. In this post we share you 20 Tips for executives: tips to make the luggage.

20 Tips for executives: Tips to make the luggage 

  1. Pack the night before, regardless of the time that you are going to fly and, most importantly: the suitcase must weigh little
  2. Start with the essentials items and make sure that you have the basics covered
  3. Download the PackPoint app. You only have to define the destination, its duration, whether it’s for leisure or work, some activities that you will mark (Beach, mountain, elegant restaurant, etc) and the app will propose you what you have to bring according to the trip, duration and weather
  4. Please note the weather of the place to which you travel, if it is cold you need extra space for coats.
  5. Try to travel carrying just a small suitcase with wheels and remember rolling clothes instead of folding it
  6. Chose outfits according to the planned schedule
  7. Creates sets of clothes, bring garments combine with each other so that you don’t get something because not combined with other garments you wear
  8. Optimice the use of space by filling the shoes with small and soft items such as socks
  9. If you’re going to carry several shoes, chose to use for the flight the heaviest
  10. Although it is better to travel only with carry-on baggage, if you need to carry a suitcase, always bring with you a replacement of emergency in your hand luggage, for those moments in which you find trapped for a day or two at your destination without your suitcase
  11. Use cloth bags that serve as compartments, for example, for underwear or accessories
  12. Put the pants, shirts and shoes at the bottom of the suitcase. Above, which weigh less, such as shirts or dresses
  13. Shirts must be with the necks upwards to avoid unnecessary wrinkles
  14. Do not wrap the straps. Let them loose at the edges of the suitcase
  15. Protects well fluids that you are going to take. If you are travelling with hand luggage, remember that must be in individual containers of less than 100 millilitres and within less than one litre transparent plastic bag
  16. Shoes must be in bags and opposites so that they come into contact with the rest of clothes
  17. If you opened the suitcase and the shirt or dress that you expect to wear has wrinkles dont stresses. Put in the bathroom, and give you a relaxing hot shower. The steam from the shower will get it stretch a little
  18. Leave aside the saying of “I get this just in case…”
  19. Don’t forget to bring a bag to the dirty clothes
  20. Last advice you forgot something? No stresses, remember that you can buy most things in your destination