Top 10 Tips to keep in mind for stress-free travel


In the 21st century most people expect to be able to work from its home or at any place in the world. The digital nomads manage to continue working while they enjoy touring the world and many freelance have chosen to work from home and need to communicate with their clients or their teams, distributed all over the world. Thanks to technology, it is much easier to take an office in the pouch and serve your business from the comfort of your holiday. However, to be productive while you’re travelling is not an easy task since often have limited resources, you have different schedules, you usually sleep worse, you do little exercise, etc. In this article we share you 10 Tips to keep in mind for stress-free travel.

 10 Tips to keep in mind for stress-free travel

  1. Plan with time: Have on hand all the schedules and days of flights, meetings and events. Once you have a clear idea of the schedule that awaits you, it is essential to have a set work schedule and time for leisure activities so that both aspects, necessary during the stay, don’t overlap and one end up taking space to another.
  2. Make sure that you have internet access during your trip: It is essential while you travel make sure you have a good wireless connection or hire an internet plan to not be dealing with setbacks. An alternative is HolaSim, the chip prepaid for trips abroad. Once you register  from this link and have the product in the shopping cart, where it says coupon, enter the word BITACORA and automatically you can have a discount of USD $10.00! It is essential to have a notebook, smartphone, tablet or any electronic device with possibility of connection to Internet to be ble to work during your business trip.
  3. Bring everything the computer can require: Don’t forget to carry transformers, plugs, universal adapters, external disks or backups in your luggage.
  4. Sync your data: Make sure everything you’ve planned is available on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, or paper print.
  5. Keep Connected:  Instant messaging and video calling applications are essential for working while traveling. Especially if you have employees to keep orders while you’re out. Some of them are: Google Hangouts (an excellent free tool to make videoconferencing), Google Duo, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.
  6. Use a platform for teamwork: When we work with projects it is necessary to have a tool that allows us to follow the progress of the project, manage tasks and talk about the details of it. One of the most recommended platforms is Asana, a web and mobile application designed to improve communication and team collaboration for project Management. The app is free for groups of up to 15 members and is available for Android and IOS platforms. Other platforms can be Trello and Slack.
  7. Keep in mind the time zones: Working with people in different time zones can become very confusing. If the trip is going to take place abroad, take into account the local timetable to organize the work and respond in time and form to its clients from other latitudes, especially from other countries or continents. You can check this web to find out what time it is in another country.
  8. Give yourself time to relax: On a business trip a time of rest is also necessary. If you’re used to a training routine many hotels already have gym or spa or if you prefer to leave your accommodation you should choose a hotel close to a green area so you can walk a while outdoors. We tell you about some workout routines for Hotel gyms in this post.
  9. Use tools for storing and sharing information: Technology tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox serve for a remote workgroup to share files. It is also very useful if you work alone and you want to carry your files wherever you want to go. Drive offers 15 GB of free storage in the Google cloud so you can save photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos. Drive is not only a mobile hard drive, it includes solutions to make spreadsheets, documents, presentations, forms, etc. and it has an organization system very similar to your computer, ie you can create folders to organize all your files.
  10. Choose the right hotel: You can save not only much money but a lot of time for meetings with clients and colleagues. The location of the hotel is one of the most important criteria that you should keep in mind when booking one or the other, it will be the place from which you move to assist your work commitments. You can also make use of the Day Use in some hotels. To read more about the benefits of Day Use we recommend reading this post.

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