Tips for travelling to Asunción

Asunción is a special destination for a weekend getaway. In this post we share some tips for travelling to Asunción.

Tips for travelling to Asunción

Tips for travelling to Asunción: When to go

  • The best season to visit Asunción is the dried and soft which corresponds to the months between May and September. Avoid the hottest months (in summer can reach 40 degrees) and damp in the rainy season.

Tips for travelling to Asunción: How to get there

  • Asunción is less than two hours by plane from Buenos Aires. The airlines travelling are Latam and Aerolineas Argentinas.  The most important airport is the Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, which serves the entire country. It is located in the city of Luque in the Gran Asunción, Central Department.

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Documentation

  • Paraguay does not require any visa or permission to enter the country. Argentines can enter simply by presenting the ID card.

Tips for travelling to Asunción: What to visit

  • The 10 tourist places in the Paraguayan capital will include:
    • The National Pantheon of Heroes
    • Independence House
    • López Palace and surroundings
    • Botanical Garden
    • Museum of Sacred Art
    • Uruguayan Square
    • Barrio Loma San Jerónimo
    • Manzana de la Rivera
    • Las Carmelitas and Villa Morra
    • The Recoleta cemetery
  • In this post we tell you what each one is about.

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Where to go shopping

  • Asunción is shaping up every day as an increasingly important option for shopping tourism in Latin America.
  • Shopping options include:
    • Shopping del Sol:  It is located in the neighborhood of Villa Mora, the area of the new corporate, commercial and residential axis of the city.
    • Paseo La Galería: It ranks No. 1 on TripAdvisor on What to do in Asunción and is the favorite place for meetings and shopping. With more than 140 national and international brands is a very new shopping (at the entrance there is a very beautiful green area with gardens and waterfalls) spacious and with three levels to travel.
  • In this post we share some tips to go shopping in Asunción.

Tips for travelling to Asunción:  Relax Tourism

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Gastronomy

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Nightlife

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Accommodation

  • In Asunción you will find accommodation of all kinds, from the most modern and exclusive hotels, to more economical hostels passing through the mid-level accommodation. Click here to find accommodation in Asunción.

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Money

  • The Paraguayan currency is called “Guarani”. The exchange rate to date is USD $1: PYG. $6.009.
  • There are coins of 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 guaranies; and banknotes of 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 guaranies.
  • Shops tend to accept Argentine cards and local currency from cashiers can be extracted at the change of day. Another option is to bring dollars in cash because all shops accept them.
  • Always authorize credit and debit cards before you travel. Without this process there is a risk that the bank will block them and obviously you can not use them. The debit you can easily authorize in ATMs in Argentina warning the exit to the outside (and when go back do not have to do anything, simply when go back to use in Argentina, the cashier automatically detects that you are in the country). It is advised (for credit) to notify the departure at least 48 hours before traveling. You can do it via the web or by phone, depending on the card and your bank.

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Time Zone

  • The default time zone is GMT-3 (i.e. the same time as in Argentina).

Tips for travelling to Asunción: Electricity

  • The electricity and voltage has an intensity of 220 volts (v) and a frequency of 50 Hertz (HZ)
  • The C-type plugs are used in Paraguay.