Tips for shopping in Asunción


The capital of Paraguay is emerging every day as an increasingly important option for shopping in Latin America tourism. We have already shared in the post Where to buy in Asunción useful information about shopping malls, their addresses and schedules, discounts etc. In this article we provide some tips for shopping in Asunción to have in mind on your next trip.

Tips for shopping in Asunción

  • The official currency is the guarani. The date exchange rate is USD $1: PYG. $5,700 so USD $20 are PYG. $114, 019. You can download the application from the XE currency converter on your cell phones to make the conversion quickly. The app is available on ITunes and Android.
  • The best bargains are found in electronics (cell phones, video consoles) and perfumes.
  • Shops tend to accept Argentine cards and local currency from ATMs to the change of the day can be removed. Another option is to bring dollars in cash because all shops accept them. And better if you changed them in the country of origin, because buying them in Paraguay is more expensive.
  • In some stores (souvenirs, for example) may accept Argentine pesos since many Paraguayan families live in Argentina but not entrusted so much.
  • Remember always authorize credit and debit cards before you travel. Without this procedure there is a risk that the bank will block them for safety. You can authorize debit cards easily in ATMs in Argentina. We recommend (for the credit cards) warn output at least 48 hours before travel. You can do it online or by phone, depending on the card and your bank.
  • Don’t forget to order the discount card (they give you 10% discount) for foreign tourists in the shopping malls. You only have to present your ID or Passport at the Entry desk.
  • The shops located on Palma Street close early compared to the locals of Argentina, between 18 and 19 HS.
  • If you bought electronics declare it at Customs (Tv, cell phones, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, cameras, game consoles). Avoid problems. Remember that older people can bring up to USD $300 tax free and under 16 years old USD $150. Marriages and parents with children under 16 years of age add franchises. For example, a type family that travels by plane can bring tax-free up to USD $900.  When the corresponding franchise is exceeded, 50% of the surplus of that sum is paid. For example: if you purchased a USD $600 mobile and travel by plane → 600-300 = 300% 2 = 150 You must pay USD $150 in taxes.
  • It is not necessary to declare clothing, footwear and toys whenever it is in reasonable quantities that do not give rise to think it is for resale.
  • If the purchases are made in the Argentinian free shop, the franchise does not add to what they brought from the outside. Instead, if you bought at the Asuncion Free Shop, it is included in your franchise. It is then advisable to make the purchases or the most expensive in the free shop of Argentina. You can also pay in instalments.

We hope you enjoyed our shopping tips in Asunción!

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